the Offers from CHADART


Artwork subscription (rental to customers, artwork ownership retained by artist):

1. Monthly subscription* (rental) of artworks valued from £300 up to £3,000 displayed on the website’s artworks page, with a full page promotion of each artwork. Subscription revenue, net of all service and operational costs, is split between the artist and CHADART; all of the following are included in the subscription process – Cost of securing artworks for authentication using unalterable electronic ID tags – All transactions recorded on secure third party database – Reusable branded packaging for an artist’s work – Two-way tracked and recorded courier delivery from artist to customer and return – Artwork insured for pre-agreed value – All correspondence with customers during the subscription period as needed. *Subscription fee charged to customers as a % of artwork valuation will be adjusted annually based on inflation; artwork valuation will also be reviewed annually.


Artwork sale options:

2. Online sale of premium artworks valued at £300 and above (no limit) displayed on the website’s Artworks page, with a full page promotion of each artwork.

3. Online sale of lower priced artworks, prints, photo-art and art gift items valued at under £300 displayed on the website’s Specials page.

4. Auction themed sales of artworks to be advised to our artist members.

5. Exhibition sale of artworks organised by CHADART (when conditions permit) or external shows participated in by CHADART.


Promotion of artist skills and specialties:

6. Promotion of artist members including bio, personal statement and photo displayed on the website’s Artist page.

7. Contributer of stories /articles (unpaid) about insights and experiences as an artist featured on the website’s Blog (content) page.

8. Guest speaker option at member networking events organised by CHADART; these may be online or live when conditions permit.

9. Positioning for new artwork and graphic design commissions by special request – CHADART clients include both residential and commercial (offices, hotels, and others).

3 Key Reasons Why Every Artist Should Rent Out A Proportion Of Their Art

Maximise income – benefit from rental income and then subsequent artwork sale with potential overall returns of multiple times an artwork’s valuation

Increase sales – renting your art before sale generates customer interest and greater potential for an artwork’s sale

Enhance self promotion – the more customers rent your art in the space, the greater the word of mouth promotion and interest in your artworks