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Longing, Separation, Love, and Liberation are the primary motifs in my artworks. I see myself as a scribbler; the texts corresponding to my works often represent thoughts, poems and quotes on art, emotion, dream, death, matter, mind, truth, illusion, obsession, delusion, faith and fate.


Dyutiman Mukhopadhyay (Adv-Dip-Fine-Arts, MSc, PhD) is a Fine Artist, CHADART Art Researcher and Artist Member, as well as a Cognitive Scientist based in University College London (UCL). He is also a former British-Academy Newton International Fellow and a former Creative Director. As a practitioner of the fine-arts, primarily photography and digital art, he works at the confluence of the arts and sciences. Dyutiman’s photography received official selection and recognition at the Venice International Photo Contest, Italy, at International Photography Awards, USA, at Prix de la Photographie, Paris, and National Geographic website. Dyutiman synthesises key concepts of Indian aesthetic philosophy of detached passion in his art along with references from world cinema, poetry and painting. Currently, he is developing a visual-effect experiment to evolve a new art form which he defines as 'Cinegraphic Impressionism'—an effort to enhance the impressionist visual-attributes of painting—especially brushstrokes—in video-frames. Dyutiman is also involved in experimental aesthetics, where he creates and uses art as an investigative tool to study emotion and cognition, areas in which he has extensive post-doctoral experience.

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