Whether you are seeking to fulfill your art-enabled  vision for a new or refurbished residence, business office, hotel, restaurant or public space, CHADART can help you acquire or subscribe to original contemporary art, sculptures and other works through our substantial connections with artists and their communities.  

These can be in the UK or overseas, should you be seeking particular favourite themes from foreign lands.

Finally, we can also support the needs and aspirations of new and, in particular, younger collectors seeking new original artworks of from emerging artists. 

CHADART’s bespoke art advisory services include your choice of:

  1. Research and advice on upcoming artists and their artwork for you to make informed decisions
  2. Interior design advice and other considerations to ensure your vision is fully realised 
  3. Framing, related design, and other considerations in maximising the impact of the agreed art choices in your residence or business
  4. Negotiation on pricing, commissions and other details to secure artworks on behalf of our clients  
  5. Evaluation of provenance, authentication and providing reports on condition and related matters wherever possible on artworks being considered
  6. Provision of full packing and logistics service, including international cross-border, where required, and financial considerations to be aware of through our expert international team  
  7. Security – artworks acquired or on subscription will be supplied with unique unalterable IDs and full records of each artwork and associated artwork transactions stored on a secure blockchain database for authentication and provenance 
  8. Trend analysis in primary and secondary markets to assist in art selection where longer term investment potential of emerging artists and types of artwork  is a key consideration
  9. Evolving a curatorial framework for an emerging collection with an appointed expert if desired

In addition to these advisory services, all of CHADART’s Member Services will be available to you on a priority basis:  

  • For example, we can assist in advising on potential acquisitions from our own connections as well as art fairs and graduate art shows, attended by CHADART.  
  • We will also assist you in building relationships with your favourite artists wherever possible. 

For maximum flexibility CHARDART can, upon request, act on a discretionary basis should you wish to acquire selected artworks from third party sources such as auctions and art fairs of all kinds. 

We will always operate with transparency, impartiality and integrity so you will not overpay for your art and remain within your budget.    

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