“We are CHADART, an online original art subscription and sales company set-up by two art lovers and entrepreneurs.

Boreum, an artist from South Korea and  Michael, a much travelled art collector from London.”

Bo (Boreum) Oh
Artist, Founder & Managing Director

  • Expert in oriental art and contemporary fine art at Master’s level in leading art schools, with experience working as a professional artist. 
  • Launched CHADART with a mission to support the personal development of talented new artists and grow the overall art market through a focus on affordable original art.
  • Brings a multicultural perspective through living in South Korea and the U.K., with strong  connections to artist communities in the U.K. and Asia
  • Uniquely able to understand the psychological characteristics of independent young artists, as well as support them in order develop their chosen art directions and access the market freely.
  • Passionately committed to growing CHADART’s business, engaging and interacting with artists and their communities around the world, to make their unique artworks  easily accessible to our customers.

Michael Cherrington
Art Collector, Founding Advisor & International Director


  • Brings a multicultural understanding of customer interests, having lived and worked across Asia including Hong Kong, China, South Korea and Singapore before returning to the U.K.
  • Educated at world leading London business and technology schools, he is well placed to help grow CHADART in today’s highly competitive online international art business arena.
  • Wide experience working in marketing, technology, finance, investment, media and events roles, as well as his own startup company focused on international market services, 
  • Art lover and collector, with a passion for Asian and contemporary art, as well as a frequent visitor to art galleries, studios and leading museums.
  • Tuned to the art market’s fast moving trends that will enable CHADART to capitalise on growth opportunities in London and globally.