It may be that you have a unique art-enabled vision for your place, whether business or residence, but just cannot find any artwork that fulfills your very specific decorative needs or inspired theme you are looking for.  

Or maybe you have fallen in love with the works of a particular artist and would like a something of your very own by the artist.

In either case, the solution is to commission either a unique one-off piece of art, or series of artworks for a much bigger commercial project, through CHADART!  

This process can be very enjoyable and collaborative experience, often opening your eyes to new possibilities you never imagined, through working a talented and creative artist.  

For artists, the process can be a unique chance to expand their creativity into new areas and raise their profile as an artist in the commercial world, as well as their visibility with collectors.   

CHADART can help smooth the path through the entire art commissioning process: 

  • from initial selection of the artist
  • through detailed specification/brief of your artwork needs, taking into account your objectives, financial budget and ensuring a clear overall vision for the artwork to be commissioned
  • negotiation of a fair payment for the art commission including material costs, artist’s time involved, realistic completion deadline and, not least, the creativity, skills, expertise and professional experience the artist brings to your project  
  • managing the commission process continually to ensure there is understanding of the expectations on both sides, and not leave any expensive changes to the very end!
  • monitoring the ongoing progress, project timeline and delivery of the final artwork
  • to formal contractual arrangements and payment process including upfront deposit, typically 50%,  and non-refundable in view of the costs noted above.          

 CHADART, through our connections, will ensure you find the right artist willing and able to take on your project … depending on its scale and how demanding the work is … and whether a one off painting or a decoration for a large commercial space.  

Historically, art commissions have been an important part of the income of successful artists; examples include contemporary paintings, landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits with themes to match residential décor needs to enhancing the branding of corporate businesses.  

With your artwork commission, CHADART will always operate with transparency, impartiality and integrity so you will not overpay for your artwork commission and choose appropriate to your budget and happy to work with you to realise your artwork vision.    

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